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Power Hour Series

Just $47 for 3 Video Modules and a Step-by-Step Workbook to your corporate exit strategy.

3 short lessons to complete in an hour and create your corporate exit strategy
Validate your business before you spend dollars on marketing and development
Verify that it will produce sustainable income
Make sure you will LOVE the work you are doing
Create a realistic money map to define your exit date
100% money-back guarantee.
In just a couple of focused power hours, you'll have clarity on your exit strategy.
Course Modules

One 10-20 minute video per module plus a guided step-by-step workbook.

Will I Make Money In My Business?
We go straight for the facts.  If you don't have a money map you're just guessing.  This module will help you create a worst case to best case scenario for your business revenue and know exactly what you need to hit to leave that day job.
Are there hungry buyers of my product / service?
Before you invest too much time, money or energy, validate your product with this simple exercise that can be completed in less than an hour.
The Money Map and Exit Plan Countdown
Save the date!  There's going to be a party.   Create your checklist to countdown to your exit from the dayjob. 
My Only Regret Is That I Didn't Quit Sooner.

Hi, I'm Lori Mercer.   Like most of you reading this right now, I had an amazing corporate job.  Good pay.  Great people.  Projects I didn't hate (most of the time).  I was living the dream.  But my heart was always torn because 4 little people and one amazing man were missing out on the best I had to give them.

For over a decade I jumped at every headline offering me freedom of time and money, tried a few direct sales and MLM ventures and lost serious money and time before I realized that my skills and talents that were allowing me to rockstar my corporate job were desired and commanding top pay outside these walls.

When you're choking back tears in that corporate cubicle, remember they don't want you to look outside.  They keep you so busy focused on the "next big project" that you forget to stop and look up and get outside your own head and those confining walls.

Your professional skills can land you a freelance gig in as little as a week.  (I hate hype so don't read into that.  I wouldn't say it if it weren't true.)   

Do this right and you'll have your exit plan mapped and be doing work you love, with clients you chose at the convenience and flexibility your family's schedule needs.

Be a quitter like me.  Quit the rat race.  Quit crying in your car after the daycare drop off.  Quit giving your best to those who don't appreciate it enough.  Quit doubting yourself.  Quit staying in the dark to opportunities that can change your life.


"I never EVER thought I could quit my day job. The pay was too good, and even worse, the What-Ifs were way too scary. Now, though, I have my own company - yes, I'm my own boss and I get to be there for my kids when they need me. I know - you've heard this before, it sounds too good to be true, etc, but I'm here to tell you - if I can do this, YOU CAN TOO."  

"I can remember waking up every single morning and just dreading the day. The rush to get out of the door. Yelling at the kids to "hurry and eat! get dressed! get in the car!" It was never ending. My job was a GOOD one. I was management - I helped people but, I had lost the passion because it kept me from the people I love most - my family. Lori changed it all for me. Now, I run my own business - helping other entrepreneurs organize and grow their business! I get to choose who I work with and when. I wake up knowing I have control of my day and my kids get to see me smiling in the morning. I cannot thank her enough!"